Lauren Gamel

Senior Scientist
With a Bachelors of Science Degree in Forensic Science from the University of North Dakota, Lauren Gamel’s inquisitive and investigative nature made her a perfect fit for Industry Lab Diagnostic Partners. Lauren earned her undergraduate degree from UND in 2015, after an intensive internship at the Forensic Toxicology division of the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin, TX. Training under Texas Department of Public Safety manager, Anna Mudd, Lauren was given the critically important task of analyzing body fluids in order to detect drugs in criminal investigations related to driving while intoxicated, sexual assault, homicide and drug overdose. Thus, her passion for the study of chemistry and toxicology started. Moving to Nashville TN with her husband Bradley, Lauren started her career as a toxicologist at Aegis Sciences Company. With the well earned title of Forensic Mass Spectrometrist, she gained extensive training and knowledge in Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Toxicology and Mass Spectrometry. Lauren’s desire to constantly improve led her to do a considerable amount of self study in instrumentation troubleshooting, making her a valuable asset to any laboratory. Her sharp critical thinking as well as a self starting attitude quickly led to her current position as Senior Scientist at ILDP. Lauren runs the mass spectrometer, the immunoassay analyzer, interprets results, certifies reports and communicates with clients on a daily basis. Outside the lab Lauren and her German Shepard rescue dog, Dexter, can be found volunteering at various local animal shelters as well as joining her husband exploring the numerous hiking trails surrounding Nashville.