Faye Smith

Executive Administrator
With 25 years of experience working in the field of management and development of medical practices, Faye Smith recognized a great opportunity to utilize her many skills by joining Industry Lab Diagnostic Partners. Faye’s entrepreneurial spirit has lifted her to the upper tier of her profession. She has a dedicated professionalism which is one of the attributes that makes her a valuable team player with Industry Lab Diagnostic Partners. As Executive Administrator of ILDP, Faye’s responsibilities include daily support of all client clinics throughout the country, as well as all ILDP staff. Her unlimited energy allows her to make multi-tasking look simple. The attention she pays to detail enables her to handle finances, human resources, payroll management for multiple states and direct the fulfillment center at the lab. Faye pours her unlimited energy into making this company a success. Her professional and immediate responsiveness to all clients is a clear indication as to her loyal commitment to Industry Lab Diagnostic Partners. In the years prior to her employment in the medical practice management field, Faye cut her business teeth in Real Estate, where she was a top Broker. Well respected by bankers, multiple joint venture groups and residential developers, Faye has a sterling reputation in the local business world. Opportunity led her to join a large hospital based urgent care company which was in the process of expanding its sites, ancillary services and community outreach programs as Director of Contracting and Development of twenty two sites. Faye’s diverse and colorful experience in the business world also includes the development and management of an ambulatory surgery center from inception to finalization with a perfect inspection record. As is her nature, Faye spends her personal time caring for the needs of her daughters, grandsons and extended family members.