Life is change

Life is Change

The only constant thing in life is change. 

I have stated that before in a previous blog.  Boy does that ring true in our present circumstances.  One day to the next we are getting different information regarding this nasty little bug.  The bottom line, which I am sure we all can agree on, is to take as much precaution as we can in an attempt to avoid getting sick.  We work in environments in which the nature of our work automatically puts us at a higher risk.  We work in the health care field.  This is our job.  Many of the patients we have to deal with do not make the best choices, including personal hygiene.  Yes, these are trying times.  I would like to thank and encourage all of you, from the providers to the front staff.  Your job is important and you are making a positive impact during these times

We are taking extra steps at the lab to decrease the chances of contacting the virus here or spreading it elsewhere.  We are working everyday but have split shifts in an attempt to social distance.  Twice a day everything from the outside door handles to every light switch is wiped down with antiviral wipes.  Packages are handled with hands covered with gloves, hands are washed until they are raw, etc.  Staff is sent home as soon as the most critical work is completed.  Our scientists are doing as much as possible from home.  We are still here for you and your patients and will continue to be. 

Now, more than ever, communicate in a positive loving way with those you care about.  Say something nice to a stranger, let someone (six feet) in front of you in line.  It will help both of you.  Industry Lab Diagnostic Partners wishes all of you peace and safety during these times.  We are with you in mind and spirit. 

As I always do, I wish to thank you for your continued trust in us.  We do appreciate your business.

Lance Benedict

President/CEO Industry Lab Diagnostic Partners